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7 Ingenious McDonald’s Menu Hacks That Will Help You Save Money

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McDonald’s is riding a wave. Their stock price is trading at an all-time high, so they’re obviously earning a lot of money off of our fast-food addiction, that’s why it’s time to come up with some McDonald’s menu hacks that would really save you money on your next trip to the Golden Arches. These suggestions might help you save money on breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Anyone up for a McFloat?

  1. Order the “Budget” Big Mac

    Did you know that you can order any McDonald’s burger to come with “special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions – on a sesame seed bun”, just like a Big Mac? Apparently there’s even a button on the register for this request at many outlets.

    All you have ask for is for your burger to be Like a Mac and they’ll get you sorted – minus the 3rd bun in the middle of course.

    For example, order a McDouble like a Mac and you’ll basically get a Big Mac for about $2 (after the add-ons), compared to a “regular” Big Mac, which costs $4.19 at most locations.

  2. Order McNuggets in Multiples of 4

    This tip is great if you love yourself some chicken nuggies. Just order your McNuggets in multiples of four.

    Why? Well, a box of 4 will usually cost you about $1.30 (that’s 32 cents a nugget) while a 10-piece costs about $4.50 (or 45 cents a nugget). So unless you literally have no room anywhere for two extra nugs, you’re getting 12 for $3.90, that’s 60 cents less for two nuggets more.

  3. Ask About Discounted Food

    This one is for the college students out there.

    When ordering, just simply ask if they had any burgers or fries that were going begging. This includes items that were made but not bought, or they are custom made, or perhaps they’ve been sitting under the heat lamp a little too long. Nothing wrong with them! You can score reasonably fresh food for dirt cheap, sometimes even less than a dollar!

  4. Egg McMuffin Hack

    The next time you enter a McDonald’s craving for something from the breakfast menu, consider ordering a simple Sausage McMuffin without the egg, and an ala carte “round egg” and create your own Sausage Egg McMuffin on the cheap.

    According to the smartypants at BuzzFeed (Full credit btw), by ordering it this way, you’ll get it for only $2.58 instead of $3.19 (that’s 61 cents, if you were trying to calculate).

  5. Want Hot and Fresh Fries?

    To avoid lukewarm and soggy fries, just order your fries without any salt, and McD’s will fry up a fresh batch, just for you, and you can add the salt yourself (also useful for anyone with blood pressure issues).

    While this won’t save you any money, it will definitely get you the freshest French fries on your next order.

    Bonus: This also works with the Filet O’ Fish – order it with no cheese and you’re guaranteed to get a freshly made sandwich.

  6. Over 55? Get a Free Cup of Coffee

    If you’re over the age of 55, you’re entitled to a free cup of coffee every time you enter a McDonalds. You must dine in to be eligible for your Senior Citizen’s bonus, and not all restaurants participate, but it’s definitely worth asking about, especially as it appears that some outlets offer the choice of a free coffee or a cold beverage, so it will pair perfectly with our last tip below.

  7. Don’t Ignore the Value Menu

    Not all “Value Menu” items are the same, as some are far better deals than others. The best value menu items at McDonalds are as follows:

    – McChicken Sandwich: Coming in at a very affordable $1, this is the best buy on the ENTIRE menu by far.

    It weights 5.10 ounces, which means it’s priced at $3.14 per pound.

    By contrast, the Big Mac sells for over $9 per pound and the Filet O’ Fish comes in at $12.45 per pound.

    – 2 Cheeseburgers for $2: If you’re looking for some beef instead of chicken, the 2 cheeseburgers for $2 is the way to go.

    – McDouble: At $1.79, the McDouble is also a great value menu item. Just to tie up this post with a neat bookend, circle back to Tip #1 to remind yourselves how to make this Value Meal even better

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