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7 Easy Ways to Find Hidden Amazon Deals and Save BIG

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With many people opting to shop on the internet and the convenience of having items delivered without leaving the house, my attention is drawn to Amazon, the world’s largest online store.
Specifically, how do we regularly discover the top Amazon bargains and sales?
After all, the best prices are rarely (if ever) featured on Amazon’s homepage, but rather in separate areas of the site. So here are seven ways to maximize your Amazon discounts and save a boatload of money. Let’s get started.

1. Look at ALL Colors When Shopping for Shoes and Clothing

Puma Shoe Example

Try this interesting tip while shopping for shoes and clothing on Amazon if you’re not particular about colors.

When you’re on the product page, choose your size and then compare the prices of the other colours. For example, the screenshot above shows an almost $20 pricing discrepancy between two colours of Puma sneakers. And it’s not like the less expensive pair is an awful shade that no one would ever wear.
While this trick works best on shoes and clothing, it’s a terrific method to save money on almost any goods offered on Amazon that comes in multiple colours, like Bluetooth speakers, YETI items, headphones, baseball and golf caps, phone cases, and many more.

2. Always Check for “Warehouse Deals”

Warehouse Deals

Have you ever wondered what Amazon does with all the stuff that gets returned to them? The answer is that they sell it in the “Amazon Warehouse” at greatly reduced prices.

If you’re unfamiliar with Amazon Warehouse deals, they’re items that are classified as pre-owned, used or open box specials and the savings are usually pretty big. They have almost everything, with categories like computers, kitchen, home improvement, vacuums, cameras, video games, and unlocked cellphones. All items come with the same Amazon guarantee and go through a multi-point inspection process before being offered for sale.

Savings on these items are in the 40-60% off range (though this varies just like with regular amazon products).

3. Check Out “Amazon Renewed

Amazon Renewed

Similar to the warehouse deals noted above, Amazon Renewed is a section of the website that specializes in refurbished open-box electronics, smartphones, and computers that are sold at a big discount. Savings range from 20% off all the way up to 50% off.

Items still come with the Amazon Renewed guarantee and are fully inspected before being listed for sale. If you’re in the market for a new computer, smartphone, camera, or tablet and you’re willing to buy used, this is a great place to dip in for some deals.

4. Check Out 3rd Party Sellers

3rd party sellers

Here’s a quick tip: when you search on Amazon, the results/products/deals that come up first in the results are not necessarily the best deals.

The truth of the matter is, third party sellers often beat the Amazon Prime price. Sure you might not get free 2-day shipping, but in most cases you’ll still get free 3-5 day shipping.

To find out what price third party sellers are offering just click on “Available from these sellers” on the product page (see screenshot above). This will bring up a list of sellers and any shipping charges so you can check for a better deal.

5. Don’t Overlook Amazon Coupons

Amazon coupon page

It’s pretty much a given that its almost impossible to find where Amazon hides their coupons.

A bit of googling later, I found it, and was really impressed with the number of offers and the ease of use; you just find the coupon you want to use and click “Clip Coupon”.

This saves it to your account, then when you add the item to your cart the savings is automatically applied to the item.

They break their coupons down into the following popular shopping categories:

– Health & Personal Care

– Grocery & Gourmet

– Beauty

– Automotive

– Electronics

– Home & Kitchen

– Lawn & Garden

– Office Supplies

– Pet Supplies

– Toys & Baby

– Clothing & Shoes

Start using an Amazon coupon on the majority of your purchases and you can easily save big if you shop frequently.

6. Use an Amazon Price Tracker

Amazon Assistant price tracker

Wouldn’t it be great if you could track the price of products you want to buy on Amazon and only buy when they’re at an all-time low? You certainly can, and it’s rather simple.

You can either use the tried-and-true and track the price of Amazon items, or you can use the Amazon Assistant browser extension.

This is how it works: You set your desired price for your selected item, then get notified when the price reaches your goal.

Similarly, when you download the browser extension you can check if the current price is a good deal or not by using historical price data.

For more info and tips and other neat price trackers you can use to grab the best Amazon deals, check out our article on Amazon price trackers by clicking on these words.

7. Don’t Forget About “Subscribe & Save”

Amazon Subscribe & Save

If you order household items on Amazon that you’ll need again and again, you have to use  Subscribe & Save. Things like dishwasher detergent, dog food, vitamins, household cleaners, toilet paper, shampoo, trash bags, deodorant, garbage bags etc.

You just setup a delivery schedule based on usage and Amazon will send you the products automatically. The best part is that you’ll save anywhere from 10-15% on the products you have on your subscription plan, and you’re under no obligation to keep the service running forever, you can just cancel the subscription at any time without penalty.


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